Festival de Guitarra de Granada 2017 – Granada Guitar Festival 2017

From the European Guitar Foundation, we have wanted to highlight our most important instrument, the Spanish guitar.

Granada, a city of great guitarists and guitar makers, is the nerve centre of the guitar making  in the world.

Guitarists and collectors from all over the world come to our city to purchase the beautiful instruments made by the guitar makers who work in our town. These guitar makers are not only from Spain, but also from Canada, Argentina, Netherlands, Germany and many others ( 40 guitar makers). All of them come to learn the guitar building school of Granada in order to feed themselves and take inspiration from our city and its people.

Granada must to set up itself as the World Capital of Guitar in its own right, and this Festival, designed to reach all the people with its multiple free events, must give to Granada its deserved place. Lots of festivals, contests and concerts are celebrated all over the world, but there is one difference: the guitar is Spanish, the guitar is Andalusian, the guitar is from Granada, the guitar is ours, and we have to announce and claim it. The guitar is not only a Spanish trademark. The guitar is Spain.

 It only remains to thank the institutions and collaborators who have made this festival possible, in particular the Granada City Council.

Cordial greetings,

Vicente Coves, The Festival Director.